Derek Rose

Derek Rose is a family business of three generations working together to make the very best nightwear, loungewear, leisurewear and underwear. Derek Rose cares greatly about quality, customer service and design. The story began when Lou Rose, Derek Rose’s father, first started in the nightwear business in 1926. He wanted to create a brand unrivalled in luxury using the finest … Meer lezen over Derek Rose

Laboureur detail Warenmagazijn


In the early 50s, Primo Zelanti, began selling traditional work clothing agricultural fairs and surrounding markets in Charolles in Southern Burgundy, France. This small business grows rapidly and in 1956 Primo Zelanti creates his own brand Le Laboureur 'The Ploughman'. He uses inspiration from the oldest forms of clothing with local made materials and high quality … Meer lezen over laboureur


Buying a Bobbin means you can arrive at a meeting, an art gallery or a date on time and in style. Our bikes are beautiful, romantic machines. They have useful design features like mudguards, covered chains, hub gears and carrier racks. On them, you can wear your everyday clothes, carry your shopping, portfolio and dog … Meer lezen over bobbin